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September 1, 2014

Surgical precision for extra small brad placement

Surgical precision for extra small brad placement

You know how difficult it is to hold and hammer home tiny brad nails, especially if you have big hands and fingers. The usual result: bent and flying nails, and even larger fingers after you’ve whacked them with the hammer a few times.

To corral those little rascals and set them with the precision of a neuro-surgeon, attach a powerful rare-earth magnet to the side of a nail set. (A ten-magnet package sells for about $10 from Rockler; 800/279-4441 or rockler.com.)

The nail set tip should be large enough to comfortably hold the nail head. The magnet will hold and align the nail until you set it and can safely finish the job with a hammer.

—Erv Roberts, Des Moines, Iowa

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