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A marking gauge makes multiples manageable

A marking gauge makes multiples manageable

A project as quick and satisfying as this turned holiday ornament almost demands that you make multiples. To speed the marking of critical diameters, create this simple marking gauge.

Start with a piece of 1⁄8″ stock. Bandsaw a strip from one of the long edges, leaving a 1⁄4″ lip, as shown top illustration. Measure the critical diameters—in this case, 1⁄2″, 1-3⁄8″, and 3-1⁄8″—from the lip and mark. With your bandsaw, cut a 1⁄16″ kerf at each mark—just enough to give your pencil lead a resting place.

To use the gauge, rest it on the tool rest and against the turning cylinder. Slide the lip until it stops against the end. Then use the bandsaw kerfs as precise, repeatable pencil guides to mark the critical diameters, as shown at lower left.
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