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April 25, 2014

Use dowel centers to find centers of dowels

Use dowel centers to find centers of dowels

Marking the exact center of a dowel, especially one with a small diameter, can be tricky. To pinpoint dead center each time, try this jig.

First, in a piece of 3⁄4″-thick stock, use Forstner bits to drill a series of 3⁄8″-deep holes that match the size of your dowels. Drill a centered 1⁄4″ hole through the dimple made by the Forstner bit’s center point.

To use the jig, insert a 1⁄4″ dowel center (no. 42341, for an 8-pack, 800-279-4441, rockler.com) in each hole, point up. Fit the end of a dowel into the appropriate-sized hole and press the dowel into the jig or tap it with a mallet. The resulting dimple clearly marks the dowel’s center.
—Len Urban, Rancho Mirage, Calif.

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