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November 23, 2014

Swivel base for mitersaw simplifies setup

Swivel base for mitersaw simplifies setup

We’ve all been there. You need to cut a long workpiece on your mitersaw. But when you try to position it against the fence, it bumps into something. Nudging the saw a bit forward, you hit something else. Finally, frustrated, you pick up the heavy saw and set it up where the workpiece will clear all obstacles. To avoid heaving my mitersaw around when cutting long boards, I created a simple swivel base that dramatically increases my cutting options without relocating the saw.

The swivel base consists of two pieces of plywood with a lazy Susan sandwiched between. To install the lazy Susan, first drill access holes in the saw platform that will line up with the screw holes of the lazy Susan. Attach the lazy Susan to this platform, and then mount the lazy Susan to the base cabinet or benchtop. With the sandwich complete, mount the saw on top of the swiveling platform. To lock the base square to the wall, or angled left or right, drill holes in the platform and cabinet base where needed for maximum clearance, and then drop in a dowel as a locking pin, as shown.

—Bruce Gillette, Paradise, Calif.

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