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August 1, 2015

Tame heavy hoses with a strategically placed elbow

Tame heavy hoses with a strategically placed elbow

Every time I had to fight the large dust-collection hose on my planer—keeping it away from boards exiting the planer—I felt a little like Jim on Wild Kingdom wrestling a huge anaconda in the Amazon jungle. Growing tired of the struggle, I found a solution that gets the hose permanently out of the way.

By attaching a 4″ 90° PVC elbow (thin-wall sewer pipe fits well) to the planer’s dust port with self-tapping screws, as shown, you create a rigid platform that holds the hose out to one side of the planer. Next, connect the hose to a 4″ male coupler (I used a Jet JW1047 quick-connect coupler, at amazon.com), and fit the coupler into the elbow when you use the planer.
—Kelly Churchill, Medford, Ore.

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